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16 Dec, 2021
Posted by Patmjr

How to prevent electrical fires in your home

burning electrical outlet

Faulty electrical wiring may cause fires as well as harm your appliances. According to the United States Fire Administration, electrical malfunctions caused more than 24,000 fires in 2019.

Those who reside in older homes or feel their electrical system wiring is in poor condition should have it evaluated by a professional electrician. We’ve compiled a list of ten warning signals that it’s time to rewire your home:

Burning smell

A burning odor near an outlet or electrical device is one of the most obvious signals that your home needs rewiring. Small sparks behind the wall are most likely the reason, and it’s critical to turn off that outlet and get it inspected by a specialist.

Flickering or dimming lights

If the bulb isn’t connected properly, the light may fade or flicker. This might, however, be an indication of an overloaded circuit. If you’ve seen this, particularly when the wind blows, it’s probably time to rewire the home.

Discolored switchplates

Switchplates that change color abruptly is always a red flag. If left untreated, this shift usually signals that the plastic and wire connections are overheating, which might have serious repercussions.

Aluminum wiring

Aluminum wire was substantially less costly than copper wiring in the 1960s and 1970s. The difficulty is that aluminum expands and shrinks at high temperatures, causing it to deteriorate faster and cause a variety of problems.

Electric shock

If you get tiny electric shocks while plugging in an appliance, that’s another red flag. This might be a sign of an issue with the grounding connection, which should not be overlooked. Furthermore, electric shocks, no matter how little, have the potential to cause harm.

Circuit breaker tripping

Circuit breakers will trip if they are overloaded to avoid overheating. It might be defective electrical equipment that keeps triggering the circuit breaker. However, it might also suggest a more serious issue that needs rewiring.

Numerous extension cords

The constant usage of extension cables is a telltale indicator that a home requires rewiring. When there aren’t enough power outlets to keep all of the electronics and appliances connected, many homeowners use extension cables. Unfortunately, this may result in unbalanced power and overloaded sockets.

Burnt out light bulbs

Replacement of light bulbs regularly might suggest that the fixture can’t manage the wattage, leading the bulbs to burn out. If this occurs often, you should see an electrician.

Sparking outlets

Sparking outlets aren’t usually a warning indicator, and they’re quite typical. They might, however, indicate a serious issue inside the walls. The outlets may be short-circuiting and overheating, causing the insulation to be damaged.

Older house

Even if there are no evident electrical problems, an electrician should inspect and rewire older homes. If a home is more than 40 years old, it is likely to have obsolete systems that need to be changed.

When to call an Electrical Contraction company?

Electrical systems that are outdated or malfunctioning may pose a severe safety risk and generate a slew of issues. It is never a good idea to disregard the many warning indicators. If you experience any of the above issue in your home or office, then call an electrician now. Also it is advised that the home be examined every 10 years, even if there are no indicators.

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